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Improve Search Volume Data By Providing Location Radius#141

For local SEO, the local search volume is the key to success. Therefore it would be nice to have an optional radius we could use for targeting keywords in specific locations around a location.

Lets say we need to optimize for a cosmetic studio in Berlin (a city in Germany).
The targeted customers live within a 10 miles radius around Berlin.

With KWF we can only get the search volumes for Berlin, but in the 10 miles area around Berlin we have a black hole for search volumes.

Additionally, this feature would be a huge benefit for setting up Google Ads, as there is the same keyword data neccessary as for organic search optimization.

As far as I know, there is no such feature in keyword research tools yet, so it could be a huge benefit for drivng new customers to mangools.

The implementation could be done with a “simple” maps lookup, which locations are near the targeted location within that radius and add their search volume to the results.

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